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Who Are We?

Nari Yari is a brand that believes and works towards safe and sustainable menstruation practices. Nari Yari is committed to providing the best quality menstrual cups to every single menstruating young woman/woman all over India and the rest of the developing Nations at a very cost-effective price. We believe that creating awareness is the key to making a menstrual cup the most popular and sustainable menstrual product, which will create a positive impact on the Environment and reduce and finally eliminate the disposable menstrual products, that is hitting our landfills or polluting the air, when burnt in Incinerators.

Nari Yari also believes in providing an additional /sole source of income for those, who wish to become Mission Nari's and stock and sell Nari Yari Cups all over India either as Master Distributors, Distributors or Retailers.

Nari Yari is also committed to creating and spreading knowledge on the Sustainable Menstruation and supporting the Green The Red movement through our unique sessions called aptly “Cup-Shup”.


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