Hi Nisha, Today I have started using cup after your talk in Sobha City. Really very easy to insert the cup. Also I love to use the cup. As you said, it is 100% trash free, Cash free, rash free...It also feels very comfortable. Usually, I keep using the bathroom to change the pads because of being uncomfortable. But, very smooth going...The best part was it feels very neat and clean during that period... I used to get rashes by the end of periods... This time it was a happy experience..

Thanks for introducing me to this wonder Nisha!
Had bought it a couple of months back...was very scared to use it though...to be very honest.
But I did take the plunge and have not been more happier😊
The first time is alwaz a fear...I had mine ,but I overcame it with inputs and videos from the lovely women who shared their experiences and made me take this awesome decision.
I am proud that I'm contributing in my own small way in protecting our planet😊
Thanks Nisha!!

Today I finally got my much awaited moment! For the first time I used the cup (hard one) and indeed it was an experience of freedom from the mess, frequent changing of pads and most of all the feeling of satisfaction that this small change will take a step closer to protecting our planet.
Coming to my first experience:
I took couple of attempts before I made sure the cup was secure. Initially I kept feeling that the cup may come out with a small sneeze😳.

For couple of hours I felt a small pressure inside ( could be because I was only concentrating on that😀)

I didn't feel the flow at all. I started to doubt that I may have blocked the flow somehow. So to clarify my doubt, I removed the cup and relieved to see that the flow was normal and the cup was filled little less than 1/4th.

So, I would say whoever is waiting to start using the cup, don't be afraid. It's not that hard at all. And believe me if it's properly secured, you neither feel the presence of it nor feel the flow which was really surprising to me.
Last but not the least...a huge hug and a big thank you to Nisha for inspiring and educating me without whom I wouldn't have gathered courage to use the sanitary cup. Thank you dear😊